Welcome Adventurer!

It looks like Dread is currently offline, but you can still watch last broadcast! Be sure to check the schedule and follow on Twitter to see when he'll be live next!

Regular Schedule

All times are CST.
Schedule is emerging, as new work/life schedule solidifies

  • Monday: TBD
  • Tuesday: 9pm-12am
  • Wednesday: TBD
  • Thursday: TBD
  • Friday: TBD
  • Satruday: TBD
  • Sunday: TBD
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Earn XP!

What is XP?

You gain XP while while watching the show, and slaying monsters alongside dread! XP can be spent to participate in raffles and to execute custom commands that allow you to interact with the show, such as during the Tabletop Tuesday RPG show.

Type !xp to see how much you have accrued.

Earning XP

  • You earn 5 points every 15 minutes, and you get 10 bonus XP to start you off when you follow.
  • You also earn bonus XP for being active in chat.
  • You can also gain extra XP for participating in special events, awarded by a mod.

Rules & Commands


No racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. Avoid politics and religion unless the game's subject matter precisely warrants their discussion. In a nutshell, be excellent to one another.
Links are allowed, but please ask first.

General Commands

  • !8ball - Ask BeholderBot for a glimpse into the future, if you dare.
  • !fail - Mark off another 'failed saving throw' on Dread's character sheet.
  • !pun (username) - Puns are encouraged here, call them out!
  • !quote - Beholderbot will recite something that Dread undoubtedly regrets.
  • !train - The train just went by, it's a thing. You'll see.
  • !urban - In a seedy tavern, you recall having overheard a name for...
  • !wiki - Consult with mystic sages for an explanation of almost anything.
  • !xp - Check your current XP total, hang out and slay monsters to earn more!
  • !rank - How highly are you ranked among your fellow dungeoneers?
  • !game - Beholderbot will begrudgingly remind you what we're playing.
  • !chill - Relax, it's time to just chill for a while.
  • !hailsatan - Get metal!

Tabletop Tuesday

NOTE:Tabletop Tuesday is currently pending as my streaming schedule solidifies.

We're currently playing in Schwalb Entertainment's dark fantasy RPG, Shadow of the Demon Lord. The rules are simple and quick, and the game is loads of fun. It's not Dungeons & Dragons, it's better.

During Tabletop Tuesday games (every Tuesday @ 9pm), viewers have a chance to participate in the adventure by influencing die rolls, and directly interacting with the characters through these commands. Each command costs some XP, which you'll earn just by being part of the show. The more you watch, the more you can effect their story!

  • !bane (target) - Adds a negative 1d6 modifier to their roll results - 20 XP
  • !boon (target) - Adds a positive 1d6 modifier to their roll results - 20 XP
  • !cast (target) - Casts a random spell on target PC, NPC, monster, or the GM to use with or against the party - 100 XP
  • !roll (xdy) - Roll any number of dice where x=the number of dice to roll, and y=the number of sides the die has - 5 XP
  • !domt - Draw a card from the Deck of Many Things, fortune or folly awaits! ( to be used in an upcoming campaign)
  • !tarokka - Draw a card from the Ravenlof Tarokka deck (to be used in an upcoming campaign).

Regular Schedule

All times are CST.
Schedule is emerging, as new work/life schedule solidifies

  • Monday: TBD
  • Tuesday: 9pm-12am
  • Wednesday: TBD
  • Thursday: TBD
  • Friday: TBD
  • Satruday: TBD
  • Sunday: TBD

About Me

What more could you possibly want to know about me? I'm a Technical Writer by day, and a freelance tabletop RPG writer & designer by night. I'm married to my best friend and we have two awesome kids together.

I call myself a genre streamer, because I mostly just play things that fall under: dungeon crawler, roguelike/permadeath, tabletop, survival, RPG, horror, FPS, the occasional MOBA, or any combination of them. I've been streaming for a few years now, but have just recently got organized about it. I'm no stranger to building communities as I'm an ex Community Manager and award-winning podcaster, I also run my own blog dedicated to tabletop RPGs and board games.

All things gaming aside, I enjoy spending time with my family more than anything. I also love trying new craft beers, music, cooking, and attempting to get healthier. Feel free to hop in my Discord if you want to chat, ask a question, or anything else. Mostly, thanks for being here!


These are some of my favorite folks on beam. I'm biased though as a few of them happen to be members of our gaming group, Zero Ping!

    DreadPixie - Chill variety streamer, loves RPGS and chatting with her viewers.
    Nosferatu1208 - A heavy focus on horror and challenging games, also does uncanny voice impressions.
    Wolfstar76 - Variety streamer who specializes in shenanigans and laughs.
    Lagby - Variety treamer with a penchant for gab, and a great community.
    Firebottle - Dedicated to all things awesome, a variety streamer with great taste who also dabbles in development.
    Gamerquest - Another great variety streamer, she plays lots of horror games, new and odd titles.
    TheWalkthroughGamer - Great show focusing on full playthroughs of all sorts of great games.